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Whole Number 13, December 1998:
Lists of Occupations
Rockingham County Marriages - Benjamin Brown to Nicholas Brown
Cornelius Bruce Phillips
Rockingham County Overseers of Roads - December 1824 to November 1825
Stokes County School Records
The Flinchum Family of Stokes County
The Barnes Ancestral Trail
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - Copernic 98
New Flash: John L. & Rebecca Vaughn Wilson

Whole Number 14, March 1999:
Puzzle Pieces - Marriage Bond - Berry Deatherage and Tilitha Hampton - 25 July 1833
Puzzle Pieces - Gregory Durham - 1814 - NC State Archives Loose Estate Papers folder
Ellington Roots
Stokes County School Records
Wendell Genealogical Collection
Rockingham County Marriage Bonds - Quintin Brown to Melton Burrows
The Flinchum Family of Stokes County
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - The Forty-Niners
Importance of Scrapbooking and Photo Preservation

Whole Number 15, June 1999:
Just a Simple Soldier
Rockingham County Original Wills
Rockingham County Unrecorded Wills
Stokes County School Records - 1837 #46
Petition to Stokes County School Superintendent
Map of "Great Wagon Road"
Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter - A Visit to Bath, Ohio
Life in the 1500's

Whole Number 16, September 1999:
Stokes County NC School Records - 1842
Flinchum Family of Stokes County NC
Rockingham County Guardians Accounts - February 1855 to February 1826
Rockingham Coutny Overseers of Roads - November 1827 to August 1829
NC State Archive Information Request Requirements
Fee Schedule - State of California Office of Vital Records
Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter, Family Research
1999 GSRS Membership List

Whole Number 17, December 1999:
Stokes County School Records - 1841 District 54
Stokes County Criminal Action Papers - 1810 - 1828
Rockingham County Professional Certificates
1799 Stokes County Property Valuations - Charles Angle to James Gains (Continued)
Back Issues of the Journal and Notes from the Hills of Dan
Flinchum Family of Stokes County

Whole Number 18, March 2000:
Genealogy and the Internet
Flinchum Family of Stokes County
1799 Stokes County NC Property Valuation - Anselom Goodman to Henry Miller
Stokes County School Records - District 44
Organizing and Interpreting your notes
By-Laws of GSRS

Whole Number 19, June 2000:
1799 Stokes County Property Valuation, cont. - F. Wm. Marshall to Joseph Zimmerman
Kiser Family
Family Names: A Source to Determine Origin
Setliff Family of Rockingham County
Stokes County School Record - District 21
Donated Family Histories ( Cook, Garrett, Hill, Hatcher, Hines, Jackson, Jessop, Johnson, Pell, Simmons, Tilly)
Have been placed in Madison Library
Eastman Genealogy Online Newsletter: DAR Library Catalog
Stokes County Connections Cross Trails with President Harry Truman

Whole Number 20, September 2000:
Flinchum Family of Stokes County, NC
Sharp Family
Rockingham County Guardian Accounts, Part II
1865 Travel Diary of Mary Susan Covington
Stokes County Death Certificates 1913-1914
Need Forms or Information from the National Archives

Whole Number 21, December 2000:
Stokes County Death Certificates 1913-1914, Part II
Stokes County Insolvents List
Eastman Articles -
List of Past Articles Journals 1-20, 1995 through 2000

Whole Number 22, March 2001:
State Library of North Carolina Genealogical Services
List of Researchers
1902 North Carolina Year Book
Rockingham County Guardians' Accounts, Part III: 1857 Entries
Scrapbook of Holland School
John Anderson Covington Bible Record
North Carolina Naturalization Index
Naturalization Applicants from Rockingham and Stokes Counties
Examples of Naturalization Records

Whole Number 23, June 2001:
Early Barnes Generations I / Barnes Family Tree
Early Barnes Generations
Farrow Ellington, born 1795, Has a Death Certificate
Rockingham County Delayed Birth Certificates Prior to 1900 - Cora Dixon to John Dyer
Strange Incident of Death

Whole Number 24, September 2001:
Early Barnes Generation II: A Continuing Series
Genealogy Fair
Membership Letter
Where Would This Be?
Rockingham County Delayed Birth Certificates Prior to 1900 "E"
John Barr Deed
Hutchens Graves Identified
Rockingham County Lunacy Records
Stokes County School Records

Whole Number 25, December 2001:
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army & Air Force Personnel from North Carolina (by county)
Stokes & Rockingham
Early Barnes Generation III: A Continuing Series
Commonwealth of Virginia Application for Certification of a Vital Record
Register of Deeds, Rockingham County Guide to Internet Sites
Stokes County School Records - 1841 (possibly #80), 1842 (District 34)
Rockingham County NC  Delayed Birth Certificates Prior to 1900 "F"
J.F. Amos Journal

Whole Number 26, March 2002:
Interesting Obituary, Mrs. Amanda J. Mabe
Rockingham County NC Delayed Birth Certificates Prior to 1900 "Ga to Gib"
Military Records & Correspondence 1861-1865, Stokes County Military & Pension Records (NC Archives CR
Local Missing Marriage Bonds (Rockingham County)
Journey by Covered Wagon from Stokes County to West Virginia 1895
Joel Tucker: Coroner's Inquest Establishes Date of Death
Civil War Letter - George Parks from Wilmington NC
Stokes County School Records, 1843 - District 17, District 37, District 51
1779 - 1780 Petition of Adam Tate to become a Citizen

Whole Number 27, June 2002:
Rockingham County NC Delayed Birth Certificates Prior to 1900 "Gill to Go"
Biblical Recorder, Raleigh, NC, Obituary Notices, Volumes 1-3 (1835-January 2, 1904)
Drury Smith, Senior, of Paw Paw Creek
Photograph of J.T. Knight and Martha Frances Martin Knight
Knight Heritage Includes Confederate Guard at Salisbury Prison: Josiah Taylor Knight
Meanings of Carvings on Tombstones