The genealogy of Stokes County reaches back to many other counties. The first county in
North Carolina was Albemarle, formed in 1663. This included all of North Carolina. A
division of Albemarle created Bath in 1696. A split of Bath made Archdale in 1705. From
Archdale came Craven in 1712. Then Cravan was divided and there was New Hanover in
1729, from this came Bladen in 1734, from Bladen came Anson in 1750, then Rowan from
Anson in 1753.
Rowan split and Surry was formed in 1770, and in 1789 Surry was divided and Stokes was
formed. The early settlers came into this region when it was Anson, Rowan and Surry Counties.
By the late 1780's Surry County had grown in population to such a degree that it
was felt by many that all these people could not be properly governed in so large
an area. It was decided best to divide the county and create another county.
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