This page is up to date information on our regular quarterly meetings and
swap meetings that are in the Spring and Fall.
They are free and open to the public.
Please check back often, the information will change as our meeting
times occur through out the year.
Spring Swap Meeting
April 28,2018

Francisco Community Building
7104 NC Highway 89W
Westfield, NC 27053

Tables will be set up in the meeting room so you can spread
out your genealogical materials to share.  There will be a
printer available for a nominal fee in case you want to make a
copy of your discoveries.
The books published by the James Hunter DAR chapter will be
there to be purchased.  There will be some at “Sale” prices for
a special bargain. If you especially are interested in one of the
books, for example, one of the Cemetery Books, please email
Linda Ellington ( or Janelle Johnson
( ahead of time so that volume will
be available.   
There will be food available—but please bring your favorite
dish too, to help out. This is always a fun way to share our
genealogies and find new information. There are also surprises
in store and you never know what will be brought to be
shared. One of the recent Swap Meets was all abuzz with
scrapbooks of clippings from the early 1900s. The public is
invited and will be welcomed.  There is no fee charged for
attendance. Just come and join us!
Quarterly Meeting:
January 14,2018
Danbury Public Library
1007 N. Main Street
Danbury, NC 27016